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How do I delete a category or entry?

To delete a category or entry, simply press and hold the category or entry and you will be asked if you want to delete it.

How to I share my House Manual Notes with a group?

To share House Manual notes with anyone, simply click "sharing" on the bottom navigation bar. From there you can easily create or edit sharing groups that are private, secure, and can be shared with anyone. When sharing all or parts of your House Manual, a smart link is generated automatically to send through email, text, WhatsApp or any other communication channel you use. The recipient will have free instant access without having to download an app or create an account. After sharing access, changes to your house manual are updated live. You can revoke access to your house manual at any time by deleting the link.

You can also share posts individually, by clicking the share button directly in the post you want to share, as illustrated below.

How does search work?

Searches in House Manual™ produce results from all listings in all categories from both the title and description content. Search is live and will update with each character entered, so in most cases your search term only has to be partially entered to produce meaningful results. For convenience, when within a category, only the category items will display in searches.

How do I upload a PDF?

To link to a PDF

To link to a pdf, simply copy the PDF link and and paste into your House Manual™ entry (description section). Once saved, the link will be clickable and will open the pdf in the browser for you.

To download and store PDF in House Manual

Downloaded PDFs in House Manual™ are uploaded to the House Manual™ servers from your iCloud files folders. House Manual™ allows for PDF uploads of up to 50mb per file.

  • To download a PDF that is already in your iCloud files, simply click "add photos or docs" at the bottom of your entry, and select the PDF as required. or;
  • To add a new PDF to your iCloud files, download it or send it yourself via email, message, airdrop etc. and save to your iCloud files. Then in House Manual™ simply click "add photos or docs" at the bottom of your entry, and select the PDF as required.

Once uploaded, your pdf will be available on any iOS device logged into your account.

How much storage do I get?

Each House Manual™ allows you a generous storage of 5gb. If you hit your storage limits, you can simply delete un-needed documents, photos or entries. In addition, we plan to offer increased storage plans in the near future.

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