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From home safety procedures to keeping your plants happy to making your own personal guidebooks, House Manual is the app your entire household can use to create, share and reference the most important information for you to live your best home life.

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Press Releases

July 7, 2020 - Swift Harbour releases iOS App

App Overview Video

Our Story

Making the most of our time at home

During the Spring of 2020, my team and I found ourselves with the time to tackle long-overdue tasks around the house. 2020 has been a concerning year and getting ahead on projects to improve home life was a welcome therapy to handle the stress. Unfortunately, as to be expected, we quickly were reminded that ‘little’ projects are never little and rarely seem to be completed on time, on budget or according to plan.

The problem is that while most of us have a good idea of how our homes operate, remembering or learning the little details is surprisingly time-consuming and inefficient. Home improvement and organization is made even more frustrating after preparing everything you need for a project, just to find you’re missing the critical piece!

To solve the problem, I started to play with a tool we had prototyped for our business clients at Swift Harbour™ for asset management. The app was designed to make it EASY to keep reference information organized in a way that text apps or word docs make cumbersome and it turned out the app was hugely useful at home as well.

It didn’t take long before the notes were put away and we were using the app for everything. Photos truly are worth a thousand words and the simple context of marking an image or map as a reference, then adding notes, links, step by step instructions and even PDF user manuals, was so satisfyingly simple. I also found I could outline all the safety-related information in my house as well and could give direct access to my family so all the info important to our household was easily referenced in one place.

It was so useful, we purpose-built House Manual™ for everyone else to use at home too. It's the app for organizing your house, taking care of your most valuable belongings, and making sure everyone in your household knows where things are and what to do if there is a problem. It’s thoughtfully made to be simple, quick, and easy to use. Also, starting at $0.99/ month*, it is an excellent investment to protect your most valuable things.

We hope you love the app. We are doing the best work of our lives right now and House Manual™ reflects that. It’s Organized Life, Made Easy and we hope you find the joy in using it that we have.


Founder & CEO Swift Harbour™ + House Manual™

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