Private Sharing

Create beautifully curated reference guides & notes that can be shared with anyone.

House Manual Private Sharing is here to let you easily and securely share all or parts of your House Manual with members of your household, plus caregivers, house guests, cleaners and more.

It’s a centralized place to document anything and privately share it with anyone.

When sharing all or parts of your House Manual, a smart link is generated automatically to send through email, text, WhatsApp, or any other communication channel you use.

The recipient will have free, instant access without having to download an app or create an account.

And if they are using the House Manual App, you can even give them access to edit and collaborate on shared information with you. …

After sharing access, changes to your house manual are updated live. You can revoke access to your house manual at any time by deleting the link.

House Manual Private Sharing is here to help you stay organized, save time and protect the things that you love. We hope you find this newest update incredibly helpful on that journey!